After the hustle and bustle of lifestyle show Aalishan Pakistan, walking into The Art Junction at The Lalit to view the exhibition titled ‘Pakistan Art Today’ is an extremely soothing experience.

Fifty-two works by 11 contemporary artists from across the border touch on numerous themes and use a variety of styles to get the viewer thinking.

The exhibition, curated by MyArtWorld, was inaugurated by artist, sculptor and architect Satish Gujral. The participating artists are Amin Gulgee, Ali Azmat, Tapu Javeri, Scheherezade Junejo, Summaiya Jillani, Dua Abbas, Zehra Javeri, Ramzan Jafri, Sahyr Sayed, Syed Shahabdullah and Rabia Ajaz.

From artist Dua Abbas’ use of medieval religions iconography to Summaiya Jillani’s pop-culture inspired whimsical creations, the works convey messages in the most subtle ways.

Tapu Javeri’s canvases incorporate the buildings of Karachi into kaleidoscope-like images of what are shamiana designs.

Artist Ali Azmat’s works are a collaboration with his four-year-old daughter Ada. They have shared the canvass to come up with a unique line showing the bond between father and daughter.

Rabia Ajaz’s works are inspired by the meat markets of Lahore, while Sahyr Sayed takes you back to your childhood with her miniature art works inspired by her doll house. There is even a copper sculpture made by Amin Gulgee.

At the inauguration of the event, a big canvas was placed for artists from both countries to express their feelings. This canvas will later be auctioned and the proceeds from the sale will go to support a charity.

The works definitely give the viewer a glimpse into the art scene in Pakistan and offer a peek into the creative mind and expression of contemporary Pakistani artists.

By Jaideep Deo Bhanj