KARACHI: An exhibition of Amin Gulgee’s latest works titled ‘Open Studio V: through the looking glass’, which opened on Monday, kept art lovers engaged at its inauguration.

The five-day exhibition has some noteworthy sculptures that can be interpreted individually as well as in entirety, depending if the viewer is able to connect the dots.

The concept of char-bagh, as the artist himself has mentioned in his statement, goes back to Persia of the 6th century BC, introduced in the subcontinent by Mughal emperor Babar. While it is important to acknowledge the geometric outlines and the concept of a walled garden, it is equally significant to recognize the ambiance that Amin Gulgee creates through his works.

The installation titled ‘Fallen Leaves’ conjures an image which makes the viewer appreciate the space but at the same time the idea of falling leaves hints at some kind of diminution.

The works he has done in copper (Dragon Spider, Ripping the Bird Cage etc) seem to have a thread. They point to a coiled existence, turmoil of sorts, which the artist is trying to come to terms with.

Falling Lesves. — Photo by White Star

Falling Lesves. — Photo by White Star

This is vindicated when the viewer looks at ‘Me in the Matrix’ (copper and bronze). The word matrix or the artwork itself is axiomatic.

Speaking to Dawn, Amin Gulgee, who also hosted a reception, said the show was a result of what he had been working on over the past three years. He gestured towards a piece from the Spider series and commented it symbolised joy and festivity. With reference to his Chapati series he opined that it was indicative of the ‘power’ that’s involved in shaping the object.

A young artist, S.M. Raza, who attended the reception, said his immediate reaction to the artworks was that they had to do with ‘antique’ whereas another artist Salman Hasan remarked that he could sense ‘glory’ in all the pieces. This goes to show that the artworks will elicit a variety of responses.

The exhibition will continue till January 11.

 – January 08, 2013

Source: dawn.com